Information for Tenants of Property Managed By Nesbitt Realty There will be a sign and lockbox placed on your property, as stated in your lease, and Nesbitt Realty will begin efforts to locate the next tenant after we receive your notice to vacate. We will, with advance notice to you each time, be showing your unit to tenant prospects. Ideally, a new tenant will be found soon and this process will be a short one. Anything you can do to make the property show better will increase the probability that the process will end sooner. If you have pets, you agreed in your Pet Agreement to remove or kennel them if they interfere in any way with our access to the property. This will be strictly enforced, no exceptions. If your yard needs attention, please tend to it at once. The "curb appeal" and interior appearance of a property is extremely important to our success in finding a new resident quickly. When we work together, the leasing process usually has a win-win result. We find someone fast and you endure minor, if any, disturbance.