Moving Out Of A Property Managed By Nesbitt Realty

Your move-out process and deposit return will go smoother if you take a moment to read over the following items. Please call if you have any questions. Good luck with your move!

When your lease ends, you and all items belonging to you must be out of the property unless other arrangements are made in writing.

Tips and Frequently Asked Questions

Move Out Duties

Nesbitt Realty doesn't want---and will never get---a penny of your deposit.

It is always our preference to return all deposit money to the tenant.  However, we can only do so when the tenant complies with the lease requirement.  These tips do not alter your lease in anyway but they are provided to give you items to check off to ensure that all of your money is returned to you promptly.

Any deposit money that is withheld is paid to vendors or to the landlord and is never paid to Nesbitt Realty.


Tenant Services

Tools, tips and services for tenants in properties managed by Nesbitt Realty.


How & where to pay rent as well as frequently asked questions about late fees and other rent questions.

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How to report maintenance issues. You may also wish to look at this information about repairs during tenancy.


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