We List Rental Property

Renting a property is similar to selling a property---except our rental agents charge a lot less than a sales agent. Our rental agents perform all of these duties:

  1. Perform a market analysis to determine the retail value of the property.
  2. Make a pricing recommendation.
  3. Make recommendations about what changes or repairs are needed to rent a property.
  4. Arrange for photography of the property. (Our preference is to do professional photography on every listing.)
  5. Arrange for signage.
  6. Put the property in the multiple listing service and in hundreds or websites.
  7. Show the property to potential renters.
  8. Arrange for visits to the property for agents with other companies.
  9. Screen and vet applicants.
  10. Make a recommendation.
  11. Prepare a lease.
  12. Get lease signatures.
  13. Collect funds.
  14. Do a move-in meeting and move-in inspection.

Our Fees

We generally work from standard Northern Virginia Association of Realtor forms and documents. What that means is that what we promise to do is generally the same thing as what most other Realtors in Northern Virginia do.  What changes on those forms are the prices, the places and the people involved.

In Northern Virginia, most Realtors charge from one-half to one full-month of rent for listing a property for rent.  Our price to list a rental is usually in the middle of market, but our standard price includes a professional photography package which most Realtors don't offer on a rental listing.  We have a minimum commission of $1000 because of the economics that are involved for the agents who will actually be doing the work. (We are responsible for paying both our agents and any other company's agent that helps find you a tenant.) We do have certain discounts for volume and up-charges for some locations outside of our normal service area.  Call us for a specific quote on your property.

Do You Already Have A Tenant In Place?

Many of our new accounts have tenants in place. If so, great we're happy to help settle your tenant into our system.

If you're curious about our process for transitioning a tenant to our property management system we're happy to explain what we do.

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