Your Lease And Responsibilities As A Tenant

Information For Renters At Property Managed By Nesbitt Realty

Your Lease

Nesbitt Realty will provide you a copy of the lease (rental agreement) when you move in. Nesbitt Realty will provide additional copies of your lease for a small fee. Your signature on the lease indicates you agree to the terms of the lease. In addition, you are confirming that you agree to the terms of the lease by occupying the rental property or paying the rent. No changes in the terms of a lease by a landlord or tenant will be valid unless the changes are allowed by the lease and the government, and both parties consent in writing to the change.

The lease cuts two ways. Both you and your landlord must follow the terms of the lease. The only way you can be evicted before your lease is up is if you do not obey the terms of the lease. Nesbitt Realty's role is to administer the lease that both parties have agreed to. Sometimes this means we will explain to the landlord the limitations of the lease. Sometimes it means that we must explain to your duties or obligations under the lease.

This Tenant Reference is NOT a lease nor is it part of your lease. This is just a collection of tips which we provide to make your residence easier and more pleasant for all.

Your Responsibilities

As the tenant, you must:

  • Pay your rent on time without reminders;
  • Keep your rental property in good condition as clean and safe as the conditions permit;
  • Obey building and housing codes affecting health and safety;
  • Remove garbage, ashes, and waste in a clean and safe manner into the appropriate containers;
  • Keep all plumbing fixtures in the rental property you use as clean as their condition permits;
  • Notify Nesbitt Realty of any repairs that need to be done to the rental property as soon as possible;
  • Use all utilities and all electrical, plumbing, sanitary, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, and other facilities and appliances including elevators on the property in a correct manner;
  • Be responsible for your conduct and the conduct of other persons on the property whether known by you or not;
  • Abide by all rules and regulations imposed by the property association where your residence is located;
  • Keep the rental property free from pests and insects;
  • Not deliberately or carelessly destroy, deface, damage, impair, or remove any of the property or permit any person to do so whether known by you or not;
  • Not remove or tamper with a properly working smoke detector.

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