Starting Your Tenancy

Move In


You must provide correct information on your rental application. If you give false information on your application, the landlord has the right to end your lease.
All funds must be received and all checks must clear prior to move-in and prior to receiving any keys.

It may be possible in some circumstances to move in a few days early. If you move in early, you will have to pay a pro-rated share of the rent. We calculate that daily rate by dividing your annual rent by 365.



Our leases require tenants to obtain renter’s insurance to cover losses due to theft, fire, tenant negligence, or if someone is injured at the rental dwelling. A landlord’s insurance protects the property from loss, but not the tenant’s personal property if it is damaged, destroyed or stolen. Renter's insurance is very affordable and we can recommend a provider if needed.


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At the time of move-in Nesbitt Realty will give you a number of keys appropriate for the number of adult occupants in your residence.

Take care of these keys as you can be held responsible for any lost or stolen keys and the cost of rekeying your locks if you cannot return the same number of keys you were given.

In some communities, the community key is extremely expensive and you will have to replace it if you lose it.

Move-in Inspection

Within 5 days of occupancy Nesbitt Realty will give a written report itemizing the existing damages to the dwelling. If you disagree with the report, please do so in writing within 5 days of receiving it or our report will be deemed as correct. You are responsible for making sure that the information is correct.

Inspection Concerns

You may submit items that you notice on your move-in inspection here.

It's important to know that your inspection is not an invitation to get upgrades to your unit. Your unit will be kept in the same condition is was on the day that you signed your lease.  If you see an upgrade that you think the landlord should make, we can ask the landlord how much if anything that upgrade will cost you the tenant.

The purpose of documenting the inspection is so that you are not held responsible for a previous tenant's damages.  Therefore if you see any damages or notice anything wrong, you should document it on the inspection form.

Although the landlord is not required to make upgrades, your landlord has authorized us to make certain repairs.  If the damages warrant repair Nesbitt Realty will promptly dispatch the appropriate staff to resolve the problem. In some cases the damages don't require repair, but it's still important to note the damages so that you are not held responsible when you move out.

When you move out, if there are damages to the rental property that were not listed during those first 5 days, you cannot say the damages were already there when you moved in. The landlord has the right to charge you for any new damages.


At some of the condos we manage all utilities are included in the rent. At most of the properties we manage some or all of the utilities are the tenant's responsibility. In all cases it is the tenants responsibility to promptly see to it that all necessary utilities are transferred to the tenant's name.
We will see to it that the utilities are on until the day of your move in. It's important to immediately contact the utility providers to schedule putting the utilities in your name or the utilities could be off for a period of time. We recommend that you put the utilities in your name as of the day before move-in.

Your Community

Prior to moving in, you'll want to familiarize yourself with any rules particular to your community. Many condominium units have a move-in fee that must be paid prior to move-in. Some condominium units require that new residents attend an orientation meeting. Some communities have rules about when you may move in. Please check with the association to schedule your move-in and to inquire about orientation.

We will provide a copy of the association rules. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with those rules as your lease requires that you abide by all association rules.

In addition to scheduling a move-in, you'll want to talk to your association about parking passes, pool passes and other association matters. It is your responsibility as a tenant to obtain your own passes. Most often you will need nothing more than a copy of your lease and a trip to or call to the association office to make the necessary arrangements.

Tenant Services

Tools, tips and services for tenants in properties managed by Nesbitt Realty.


How & where to pay rent as well as frequently asked questions about late fees and other rent questions.

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How to report maintenance issues. You may also wish to look at this information about repairs during tenancy.