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Will Nesbitt
Will Nesbitt appreciates your business and will help you generate your documents.

The contract we use is a standard agreement written by the staff attorneys at the Virginia Association of Realtors. This contract was designed to be used by any Realtor doing property management in Virginia. We believe it's to our mutual advantage to stick with the standard agreement as much as possible to avoid. The language is plain and simple and it's the same as everyone else is using. The primary changes are the names and addresses of the parties and the price of our services.

In addition to our standard monthly fee, we insert numbers for incidental fees. Most of the additional charges apply to very unusual situations that rarely or never happen to most landlords. For example, if the landlord decides to completely renovate the property and the landlord wants us to manage that project we charge $150. Some of the additional fees are optional addition services. For example we charge $200 per meeting if the landlord requires us to attend HOA meetings.

Creating your documents takes about 15 to 20 minutes and we most usually do this over the phone. Once the documents are generated we prefer electronic signatures. Using a third-party software called "Docusign" we email you a link to the documents where you can review and then click to indicate your acceptance. After all parties have signed our team jumps into action.

As soon as you hand it to us, your work is finished

We provide a turn-key service. Once this set-up is complete we jump into action and make things happen. We will send you a monthly statement when we make payments to your account.

We like solving problems for clients.

Kim Nesbitt
Kim is our administrator and she's dedicated to excellence.

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