What differentiates Nesbitt Realty from other Property Managers?

Angie's List
2014 Super Service award for superior customer satisfaction

First and foremost we are a family-business, locally-owned, locally operated. We personally know each one of our clients, renters and landlords alike. As a small business we care for and appreciate each and every client. We survive by word-of-mouth and for this reason our reputation is extremely valuable to us.

Angie's List rates our company as one of the best property management firms in Northern Virginia.

Unlike some sites where reviews are posted, Angie's List member PAY to join the site and PAY for the opportunity to review providers. This means that the reviews can be trusted because the reviews are 100% authentic. People who take the time to compare our services find that we stand out for two reasons:

1. Communication --- What do we do different? We do little things, like answer the phone. When there is an emergency, landlords and tenants want to know that they won't get a voice prompt: they'll get a real human being answering a the call. On those rare occasions when a client leaves a voicemail, we call back quickly. Through the magic of the Internet we've set it up so our desk phones ring to our mobile phones and our office phones ring to our home phones.  When you need us, you can find us.

2. Price --- Many people tell us that our prices are better than the competition. No one ever tells us that we are more expensive than the competition.

Nesbitt Realty offers an unbeatable combination of the highest possible service at a low price.

Father and son walk back from a meal in Old Town, Alexandria
Stuart Nesbitt and Will Nesbitt

3. Experience --- Our principal broker has been managing property for nearly 30 years and over that time has developed systems for making sure things run smoothly. Many people don't realize that a broker has as different level of education and experience than a real estate agent / property manager. It is the broker's role to oversee and manage the actions of all agents affiliated with his license. Our firm is small enough and intimate enough that all agents have immediate access to broker input and daily oversight on all activities.

4. We pay quickly --- One of the areas of service we pride ourselves on is our rapid payment of rents to the landlords. We process rents very quickly and pay those rents immediately to our landlords.  Most landlords choose electronic payments and the money is deposited directly into the owner's account.

5. Team approach --- We divide up the work "family-style" with many people doing what they do best, rather than one person acting as your "account representative". We have property managers available 24/7 including weekends and holidays.

6. Tenant care -- We carefully manage tenant expectations to make sure that the tenant's needs are met while the landlord's interests are protected. We provide each tenant with a Tenant Handbook with general information about our policies and procedures.

7. Legal Review -- Nesbitt Realty reviews unusual situations and legal questions without counsel.  We make that counsel available to our landlords for free or at no charge.

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