Why choose Nesbitt to manage your association?

What do we do?

Nesbitt Realty & Management can deliver:

  • Faster response times.  It might sound crazy, but we actually answer our phone. 
  • Better governance and legal compliance. We keep up with the latest changes to Virginia regulations. 
  • Safe and efficient financial management, including dues collection, reporting and funds control. We prepare monthly financial statements and end-of-year report.
  • Fairness and equity in handling disputes. We've seen it before and we know how to listen and de-escalate. 
  • Better vendor relations and discounts on required services. We have a network of reputable contractors ready to put to work. 

Why we are successful.

Nesbitt agents have the ability to handle day-to-day issues without board or member supervision. We are a reliable resource to help guide the Board's decision-making processes. Most of all, we answer our phones and are responsive to homeowners. One of the most frequent complaints we from from HOA management clients who call our office looking for a bid is that the association had a great community manager, but then their management company gave them a new person, and then another person, and the current community manager isn’t measuring up. Obviously, community managers can make or break an HOA management company. But how do you retain good talent once you have it? In our case, the answer is simple: we are a small family-run business. Our community managers have a personal vested stake in the success or failure of the company and they are with us for the long haul. Because ours is a family business, we care for our business like a family which means that we really cares about our service and our communities. We love our job and those who employ us. Our community managers are not part-timers. This is our business and we know that that customer service largely comes down to responsiveness. So, we answer our phones. We reply to emails immediately. We don't drop the ball once it's handed to us. We like to defuse tense situations instead of escalating them. We strive to put people at ease, and help them realize that their HOA or HOA management company isn’t out to get them. They work hard to help community leadership build trust, confidence, and goodwill with homeowners. Our community managers can answer common questions from homeowners and board members. We are well-trained and experienced. When we don't know the answer, we know where to go find the answer.
Community Management Overview

Our small family-run business takes a different and more personal approach from most community management companies.

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What Makes Nesbitt Realty & Management Different?

An overview of our commitment to excellence in association management

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Why choose Nesbitt Realty & Management for your community?

Nesbitt Realty & Management can deliver.

Why Nesbitt?

How Much Does Association Management Cost?

Often the per-unit rate may is lower for larger communities because of scalability.

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