We are a family business.

History Of Our Family Business

Nesbitt Realty

Nesbitt Realty
Nesbitt Realty is dedicated to excellence in real estate.

Our web-based strategy almost produced more business than we could handle, so Nesbitt Realty added some family members and experienced agents.  Although we still occasionally work under the name Condo Alexandria,  Will Nesbitt Realty LLC registered another DBA and we became known as Nesbitt Realty.

Nesbitt Realty turned its focus to building two branches of the the business. We focused on real estate sales and property management in Northern Virginia. We still remain true to our web-roots and today Nesbitt Realty has one of the largest Internet footprints of any real estate brokerage in Northern Virginia.

While our technology is big, our brokerage is a family-based business and together with a few very experienced associates we are here to serve you. We deliver integrity driven results that our clients love.

Some companies understand the power of the Internet for real estate sales. Some companies have experienced agents ready to serve you. Nesbitt Realty has both.

Our brokerage is a small business and we have dedicated ourselves to providing the best service possible to our clients.

Thanks. We sincerely appreciate the chance to assist you.  

Our Mission

Our goal at Nesbitt Realty is to provide the highest possible service, with the maximum possible competency while adhering the strictest ethical standards.

While we believe these are noble goals, we pursue this strategy because we believe (and we have proven) that the Universe and the market financially reward hard work, good works and love of client.

Recently Sold In Northern VA

$237,000 at Mayflower Square  SOLD!
$2,525,000 at Bryn Mawr  SOLD!
$1,550,000 at Ashgrove Plantation  SOLD!